Bored at home or urgent need to go out of your house: Yae….you may go out but you need to take some preventive measures before keeping your legs out of the house…. Yae dear it’s corona time….we need attention Although it is advised not   to travel unnecessarily, but if there is something urgent which might be line up in ur schedule then you can’t avoid the trip and there may be a need of urgent go So, here I am sharing some of the important tips to travel safely during this COVID -19 time

Try to avoid public transports. Either take your own car or book a cab. If you have to get a flight, look for a direct one without layovers to limit the roll out.

Tip 1

Masks are the need of the hour. And I urge everyone to use the proper mask before stepping out of the house Try to change your mask every 6 hours if you are in a public place. And also don’t forget to carry some extra mask with you.

Tip 2

Carry your own hand sanitizers and wipes with you.

Tip 3

Try to choose an off-peak time for traveling Pick your dates according to calendar.. Try to set your outing on week days. Avoid weekends. Because during weekends, roads nd stops will be busier.

Tip -4;

Carry your own eatables and own water bottle. Avoid standing on public stops.

And finally I advised everyone to remember and follow the COVID 19 guidelines issued by government related to COVID-19.